Live Mobile is a National AT&T Authorized Retailer with its corporate offices based in Tupelo, Mississippi. We have over 30 years of experience serving consumers and businesses throughout the southeastern United States. Live Mobile currently operates in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina, and West Virginia. We offer the latest AT&T products and services, including AT&T TV, uVerse, FirstNet, and Digital Life Home Security & Automation. We are dedicated to remaining a top-tier AT&T retailer by providing an outstanding customer experience and consistently hiring employees who are committed to the same standards that helped to grow Live Mobile into the successful organization it is today.

Live Mobile was formed in the early 90’s with a mission to provide a much-needed wireless retail experience to consumers and businesses in markets that were significantly underserved by the national carriers. Since then, Live Mobile has grown significantly by remaining true to its mission and delivering on its promises. And we’re not done yet. We are committed to improving on our business methods every day. We value our relationship with our customers above all else and will work diligently to ensure that it shows at every level of service we provide to YOU.